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Hotel Policy/House Rules
The motto of Hotel Tamil Nadu is to provide a clean, safe and hotel friendly experience to our guests. Based on industry standards, management and operational procedures and personal experience of owning and operating, Hotel Tamil Nadu has the following protocols in existence as a part of the hotel’s reservation agreement with our guests. By reading and signing our hotel registrations you are agreeing to abide by all of our Hotel Policy/House Rules, terms and conditions, and procedures which are to ensure your safety, enjoyment and protection. Our policies are subject to changes, so kindly check them often.
  1. DAMAGE OR LOSS: To assist in preventing theft, residents are earnestly requested to lock their rooms during their absence/before going to bed and to take all reasonable precautions against loss.
  2. CATERING SERVICE: A well-equipped Restaurant attached catering which functions between 6.00 am to 10.00 pm is at service. We also provide Room services with 10% extra charges.
  3. HOTEL PROPERTY: If any hotel belongings are damaged, compensation for the same will be collected from the concerned guests. Guests are requested to cooperate with the Management in keeping the rooms clean.
  4. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: Irons, Refrigerators, Radios etc., should not be installed or used inside the hotel rooms. On leaving the room you are requested to switch off all the electrical equipment. Room Heaters and extra beds will be provided on request with payment of extra charges.
  5. OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Consumption of food and beverages brought from outside and Drugs in any form is prohibited inside the hotel premises.
  6. INCIVILITY OR INATTENTION: Any complaints on our hotel staff should immediately be reported to the Manager. Suggestions for the betterment of the hotel are welcomed and a suggestion book for the same is kept in the reception. If any staff solicit tips, the Management will deem it a favour if guests kindly bring to their notice.
  7. RIGHT TO EVICT: The Management reserves the right to ask any resident to vacate the hotel at any time without assigning any reason. If a resident absents himself for a continuous period of 48 hrs, without giving any intimation to the office, the management will have the right to vacate the room.
  8. PETS: Dogs and other pet animals are not allowed inside the hotel premises.
  9. GOVT. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Guests are requested to observe the Govt, rules and regulations in force from time to time in respect of registration, alcoholic drinks, firearms etc.
  10. COOKING IN THE ROOMS: Strictly prohibited.
  11. HAZARDOUS GOODS: Storing of cinema films, raw and exposed or petroleum products and any other articles of a combustible or Hazardous, in residential rooms/rooms is strictly prohibited.
  12. GENERAL: The Management reserves its right to refuse, to allot or to make changes in allotment of accommodation as circumstances would demand, without assigning any reasons.
Each resident will be deemed to have read the above regulations and agreed to abide by them. We solicit your kind cooperation and assure you best of our services at all times.
Children aged 0 - 10
- The accommodation is free of charge for children up to 10 years, sharing a bed with parents.
- Additional charges are applied on the request of extra beds.
Children aged 11 or above
- Any child above 11 years will be considered as an extra adult and will be charged accordingly.
Tour Policy
Discount And Concessions
  • A discount of 10% will be extended after deducting service tax on a purchase of ten or more tickets.
  • A discount of 20% after deducting service tax will be extended to senior citizens and war widows and 25% to physically challenged persons.
  • Senior citizens should produce Government recognized photo ID with date of birth for verification along with a photocopy.
  • Physically challenged persons and war widows should produce the certificates issued by the authorities concerned along with a photocopy.
  • These Discounts/Concessions are not eligible for the Tirupati Tour.
  • All discounts and concessions will be extended only after the completion of the Tour.
  • Only one discount/concession at a time can be availed.
Other Terms
  • The tours will be operated on operational conditions. The tickets are not transferable. There will be no refund for any unforeseen calamities, which may occur during the tour.
  • TTDC will not be responsible for any damage or loss to the belongings of the tourists.
  • If a person travels as a single person, he/she will be accommodated in a single room during night halts only on the purchase of single room accommodation tickets.
  • Three adults in a family will be accommodated in one double room by providing only one extra mattress even though the third person is in the position of a double room ticket.
  • One additional mattress will be given for child tickets in package tours.
  • The programme and tariff are subject to change. Tours will be operated subject to a minimum number of 10 tickets.
  • Due to administrative reasons, the tours will be operated either by 10 seater or 18 seater or 35 seater coaches by reducing or extending the size of the vehicle.
  • All disputes will be within a Chennai Jurisdiction and other jurisdictions of Tamil Nadu (will be mentioned in the package)
  • Children Aged 0 - 4 are considered as infant
  • Children aged between 4 to 10 are considered as Child
  • Children Aged 11 or Above are considered adult
Rooms Starting at ₹1400
Rooms Starting at ₹1400
Rooms Starting at ₹1200